"Roll of Honour"
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A bronze plaque commemorating the memory of workers from the old Bowater's Kemsley Mill who died during WWII has been rescued from the former Kemsley Arms public house and is now looking for a new permanent home. 

The plaque which measures almost 4 feet by 3 feet and weighs over 100 kilos, lists 91 casualties all of whom were employees of the Mill and there is a campaign to find out more about them.
Our Chairman who is leading the campaign in association with Swale Borough Council and the present owners of Kemsley Mill;
DS Smith plc, said:

"This is an absolutely beautiful bronze plaque and I am delighted we have had the fore sight to rescue it from what would have been a great loss to the families of those listed and the people of Sittingbourne
and surrounding districts.  We are now looking to find the stories and history's of those people who are listed on the plaque and would love to hear from any of the families or people that knew anyone listed, of how these gallant Bowater’s staff members who sacrificed their lives for the sake of our country during WWII".

He has listed all the names below for download, for family members to check and contact him with information, such as:

1) Where they were living when they worked at the mill?
2) What service did they enlist into?
3) Their regiment, ship etc,?
4) Their service number?
5) What rank they obtained if any?

Any information, no matter how small will be greatly appreciated. With the information received, he is also aiming to have the names added to a war memorial from where they were living, so that their names can be honoured and remembered for the future, of which they surely deserve at the very least.

‘The next question is; where to permanently house it?  We have already had approaches from interested parties and we are considering every option.  These include returning it to the current mill now owned by DS Smith plc, Kemsley Community Hall or even a local church. If anyone has any other ideas we would
also be delighted to hear from them’.

The bronze plaque is currently being looked after by Swale Borough Council where it sits on public view outside the main Chamber.  Any interested parties
wishing to view the plaque in temporary situ at the Council should contact Martin Goodhew via Swale Borough Council reception desk.
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Bowater Memorial Plaque Looking For A New Home
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